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Why the world grieved for Paris and not Beirut

As Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris unfolded, people around the world tuned in to watch blanket coverage of the events. Facebook activated a feature allowing Parisians to check in as “safe.” By Saturday, millions of people had added a filter of the French flag to their profile pictures to show solidarity with Paris. Continue reading

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Western media’s troubling obsession with “badass” and “submissive” Arab women

A version of this article originally appeared on Now Lebanon.

A clip of Al-Jadeed anchor Rima Karaki shutting down London-based cleric Sheikh Hani al-Sibai during a televised interview has received international attention. As a journalist and a feminist, I initially cheered at Karaki’s satisfying take down of her patronizing guest. But as the video went viral, I found myself struggling to come to terms with the ways that the clip was repurposed and framed by many international media outlets. Continue reading

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Love Apptually: Dating in the Age of Big Data

Valentine’s day is upon us, and romance is in the air – or at least, flashing across your smartphone screen. Digital technologies have infiltrated just about every aspect of our lives – including matters of the heart. Apps like Tinder have drastically transformed the ways that we connect, form social bonds, and fall in love. In honour of Valentine’s Day, Digital Tattoo is delving into the impact of these disruptive technologies. Continue reading

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Featured in “Positive Lebanon”

I’m happy to share that a piece of mine has been featured in the book Positive Lebanon, which was released by Tamyras publishing house in December 2014. The book features positive initiatives from Lebanese civil society, as well as a number of Lebanese writers.

For media coverage of the book launch at Salon du Livre Beyrouth:

The book can be ordered online here:

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