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Featured in “Positive Lebanon”

I’m happy to share that a piece of mine has been featured in the book Positive Lebanon, which was released by Tamyras publishing house in December 2014. The book features positive initiatives from Lebanese civil society, as well as a number of Lebanese writers.

For media coverage of the book launch at Salon du Livre Beyrouth:


The book can be ordered online here:


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The tired foreign media narrative on Lebanon

A version of this article originally appeared on Now Lebanon.

The week of Lebanon’s Independence Day, Foreign Affairs published a commentary piece ominously titled “Beirut’s Center Cannot Hold: Lebanon Is On the Brink of Another Civil War.” The headline, a less-than-subtle nod to Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming,” begs the question that has been debated time and time again by international media since 2005: what is holding Lebanon together? Continue reading

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The sinister side of Lebanon’s electricity crisis

A version of this article originally appeared on NOW Lebanon.

A recent study conducted by Professors Alan Shihabeh and Najat Saliba of the American University of Beirut has compared the air quality in Beirut’s Hamra district while diesel generators are turned on and off. Their results show that diesel generators, used as a quick fix to Lebanon’s electricity problem, are releasing highly toxic carcinogenic particles into the air at alarmingly high rates, often directly into people’s homes. Continue reading